Hello, I’m Georgina – lover of adventures, animals, fitness, yoga, skiing, escaping to the mountains and eating plant-based, gluten-free food!

I started this blog as a way of documenting travel experiences with my partner, Patrick, including tips we would have loved to have read before we took off. Wild & Us quickly became a more rounded lifestyle blog covering more of my interests, such as sharing my favourite brands and healthy recipes, day trips to the mountains, encouraging animal rescue and promoting eco-friendly companies that we think deserve a shout-out.

I run most things here, including the writing, Instagram blogging and photo editing, while Paddy usually takes the photos I’m in and helps with (*eats) the recipes.

I work as a Creative Director by day, have a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor’s in Media & Communications. I also model (both agency-represented and freelance) and work as an Instagram influencer. Blogging, Instagram’ing and content creation are my passions. I’m determined to create a life I truly love, and I hope that this blog will be a driving force towards this.

Paddy works in Sales, plays lacrosse at any given opportunity and majorly out-performs me on the ski hill. We live with our two amazing rescue cats, named Quentin and Bella, and we hope to have a house full of dogs too in the near future!

We’ve been together for five years now, during which we’ve travelled the world, adopted our first pets and now we are embarking on a new adventure… You can follow us as we blog all about our life in Vancouver, Canada, which is the third city we’ve lived in together (along with London and Nottingham, UK) and our favourite place yet!

Why ‘Wild & Us’? Well, this blog is all about the big, wild world and our experiences within it, but more than anything, we feel most alive in the mountains and deep in forests, breathing in that fresh, wild air and we LOVE to travel!

If you’d like to work together or collaborate on a project, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

We are available for Instagram influencer work, content creation, blog posts, brand photo shoots and PR events.

Much love,

G & P (plus Quentin & Bella) x